After 20 years, the UMC’s return with a scathing single, readdressing their own history, and the present state of Hip Hop music

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Kool Kim and Haas G have successfully crafted their own lanes as individual artists. Kool Kim resurfaced as NYOIL a few years ago and caused a frenzy on the internet with his controversial single “Ya’ll Should Get Lynched”. He has been able to maintain his relevancy in this new age of music. Haas G aka Fantom Of The Beat went on to produce hit singles for Ghostface Killah “Apollo Kids”, Lil Kim Ft. 50 Cent “Magic Stick” and much more. Now the Duo are back in the lab and set to release a new project, later this year. Check out their new track “I Tried To Tell Ya” below.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)