Afeni-Shakur_KevinWinterIn the aftermath of her son Trayvon Martin‘s shooting death, Sybrina Fulton is now looking to help mothers with circumstances similar to hers.

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Fulton and the Trayvon Martin Foundation, will be hosting a “Circles of Mothers” event during the weekend of May 16th-18th.

The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about the impact violent crimes have on the families of the victims. The event will be an opportunity to provide support and advocacy for those families.


Afeni Shakur, mother of slain rap legend Tupac, will address the event’s participants as the keynote speaker.

Fulton hopes to bring together mothers of all races and economic statuses.

A press release for the event reads:

“Understanding that is is not just an African-American issue; Ms. Fulton also wishes to engage all communities, extending the invitation to all mothers who have lost a child. Not just women of color. She says, “the loss of a child is unbearable. This kind of pain transcends all ethnic and socio-economic bounds. The goal of this retreat is to gather together women who like myself have experienced every mother’s nightmare but are looking to take the progressive steps forward towards healing. Like myself, Afeni Shakur has had her loss played out in the public eye. We partnered with Lisa Nichols to be able to impart the tools and wisdom we’ve gathered to help everyone that attends.”

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-Erika Benton-Martin (@leftcoast_rika)