The Bulls & Warriors need backup immediately

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The Chicago Bulls were in trouble this postseason. They had a respectable regular season (48-34) and did very well without former MVP Derrick Rose, but ran into a brick wall when they faced John Wall and the Washington Wizards. After having trouble putting points on the board, it’s clear that this team could use another superstar player that can create his own shot on the wing (cough Melo cough).

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The Golden State Warriors took the Los Angeles Clippers to seven games but were bounced from the first round. Stephen Curry did what he does best by putting on an impressive offensive display, backed up by Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala and Draymond Green, but it always felt like something was missing for the Warriors.

Teams out west are only getting stronger as each year passes. If the Warriors don’t make significant roster changes they will be in trouble; they could use some more star power going forward if they have any hopes of advancing past the second round in the Wild West.