macklemore, ryan lewis, jewish, racist, stereotype

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Over the weekend, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis held a secret show in Seattle to welcome a new exhibit at the EMP Museum.

During a performance of their hit single, Thrift Shop, Macklemore wore a fake hooded witches nose, a wig, a beard and a silk outfit. Needless to say, the rapper was immediately accused of trying to resemble the stereotype a Jewish man.


The story has caused an uproar across the internet, websites and fans alike are coming at Macklemore from all angles asking for answers. Though he hasn’t released a full statement, he did send out a tweet (below) acknowledging the event and his personal feelings.

jewish, macklemore, Racist, ryan lewis, stereotype, thrift shop

jewish, macklemore, Racist, ryan lewis, stereotype, thrift shop


Shortly after the news broke, comedian Seth Rogen (who just so happens to be Jewish) took to Twitter and added his two cents to the incident:

Macklemore, on the other hand, maintained his innocence and claimed there was nothing offensive about his actions:

For more photos of Macklemore dressed up like literal Nazi propaganda, there is this gallery from the Seattle Times. – Gawker

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