Marty Cooper, art, doodle, storyboard, comedy, creative

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Marty Cooper is a “storyboard artist” who ingeniously places his drawings into everyday life situations.

The self-depicted “scribbler” draws on transparent paper and places the final images in front of a fitting background, creating the illusion that the drawing has merged with the back setting and is truly existent. Some of these characters may be sitting still or in the middle of an action shot, either way they all come to life. so far, his catalog has amassed hundreds of creations.


What are Marty’s tools of the trade? Simple; transparent paper, a black sharpie and some white out. That’s it.

In the images below, he makes it look so easy and, if you can draw, it probably is. His creativity just may spark a new wave of art creatives to come forward and give the method a try. With pictures ranging from a mosquito sucking through a straw to a bird riding another bird, Marty’s doodling is all comedy.

Marty Cooper, art, doodle, storyboard, comedy, creative

Marty Cooper, art, doodle, storyboard, comedy, creative









You can view the full collection of doodles by Marty on his Tumblr. Along with these images, Marty Cooper also has some great stop-motion videos with the same theme!

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM