What a wonderful time of year! You’ve waited your whole life for this event, or did you?

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Unemployed-College-GradsGraduation, especially from a college/university is a milestone that many work hard to achieve.. but unfortunately the cost can be VERY immense.
With the small help from the government, financial aid covers a certain portion of this gruesome fee, depending on specific criteria or you may have been granted a scholarship depending on scholar or athletic proficiency. But who is going to cover all of your books, food, school supplies, living arrangements, or any school related emergency?

That’s where the tempting decision of applying for loans comes in the picture. With the instant gratification of more money to furnish all your needs, and wants, it leaves an almost deadly backlash in the end.
And class of 2014, you are now the class, with the most debt.


According to The Wall Street Journal, the average loan-holding 2014 college graduate will have to pay back $33,000. The average student debt increases every year, especially over the past two decades.

Although college students are considered more employable than non-degree citizens, the standing of the economy is still not enough to cure debt of all graduates before and now.

Have no fear graduates, at least you made it!

-Nicole Scarlett, @NicoleScarlett_