unnamed (12)Get On Down is relentless. They’re like the bully at school who takes no breaks from stopping by your locker, even on vacations and snow days. But they’re not your average bullies. When they come to see you, they psychologically strong arm you into giving them your money for their dope ideas. Today, Get On Down brought along some company to make this visit extra special. They teamed up with Uncle Howie Records to create not one, but two, special limited edition packages for the debut album The Future Is Now from Non Phixion.

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That’s right. DJ Eclipse, Ill Bill, Goretex, and Sabac Red sans MC Serch live again on three different mediums for fans, old and new alike. What makes this release from Get On Down so special is the relative young age of the project compared to their past ones (Raekwon’s Purple Tape, Nas’ Illmatic, Souls of Mischief’s 93 til Infinity), allowing them to compile the 80 page hard cover book of interviews, pictures, liner notes, and such with the help of the original members. You’ll learn about all of the ups and downs from the group’s formation in 1994 to being signed to two labels (Matador & Geffen) before signing to Ill Bill’s Uncle Howie Records and life after their debut album in 2002.

What’s in both packages? They have created 800 packages of two CDs (vocal & original recordings of the debut album), three 7″ singles (“Black Helicopters,” “Drug Music,” “Rock Stars”), the 80 page hard cover book, reproduction of the original press only sampler from 2000 (includes early singles, demos, freestyles, promos), and expanded artwork from Mears One’s original album visuals. They have also created 200 packages of everything previously listed but also includes a fourth 7″ single (“I Shot Reagan”) and all four 7″ singles will come in unique colored vinyl. Unfortunately the 200 copies have sold out already. But maybe by the grace of the Hip-Hop gods, they will create more later. If you can’t wait for that though, I suggest you order one of the 800 created packages NOW.


Check out the pictures of all of the contents below while I blast this.

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Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)