Final Day For Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence Week May 16-22 In New York State As We Continually Work Hard to Improve Public Safety

As we celebrate the final day of our 3rd annual Hip-Hop Against Gun & Gang Violence week (May 16-22, 2014) throughout the State of New York, it is important for those in New York City to know that Gun Shootings are up 7% in comparison to the same time last year and the long hot summer has not arrived yet.

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We are not surprised because with the end of Stop, Question & Frisk and with a new administration it will take time for the new leadership to better understand the lay of the land.

Addressing gun violence takes a multifaceted approach and we will continue to use our proven innovative techniques to improve public safety and show our children, youth and young adults how to be more proactive when it comes to ending gun and gang violence in their school, home and community.


Thanks to our new partners at Power 105.1, “The Shark” Daymond John, Metro PCS and Microsoft we will be able to implement more Prevention, Education and Awareness activities to keep our communities safe. Through our 7 E’s 4 Power Tour, which offers 105 Power Events over 105 Power Days we will be able to make a difference and save a lot of lives.  It is our intent to work more closely with Governor Cuomo, NYC Mayor de Blasio, and the NY City Council to develop alternative solutions to the problem that uses the positive influence of Hip-Hop artists to reach and teach our youth and young adults what they must do to keep our city and state safe.

We will be submitting a final report next week to once again share our findings with our youth population so they can be “part of the solution to reduce gun and gang violence and not the problem.”  The Raptivism Movement is all about being “Socially Responsible,” that is why “We’re on our Grind to End Gun & Gang Crime.”  For additional info on our mission, goals and the artists supporting our project hit us up at:


Contact: William Gerlich,

Phone: (917) 608-8784


7:00 PM EDT, May 21, 2014  


BROOKLYN, NY- New York City Council Member Jumaane D. Williams (D, Brooklyn), Deputy Leader and co-chair on the Taskforce to Combat Gun Violence, issued the following statement in response to the latest NYPD statistics which revealed a 7 percent increase in shootings across the city since this time last year. The increase occurred in various parts of Brooklyn, including the 73rd Precinct in Brownsville, which has logged more shootings than all of Manhattan, while the 67th Precinct in East Flatbush ranked second.


“We must not accept that with increased temperatures come increased shooting. These troubling reports from the NYPD represent hundreds of this city’s sons and daughters whose lives were taken far too soon from senseless gun violence. As co-chair of the Taskforce to Combat Gun Violence, I believe it is important we have a clear plan to address the root causes of this epidemic, especially in the areas that need it most.

“As we approach Gun Violence Awareness Month, we have to take action to ensure there is not a continued increase in shootings. Resolving this complicated epidemic requires a multi-pronged approach, including an official City response from the Mayor, Council, and agencies to  fundamentally change how gun violence issues are dealt with. There is also a need for additional funding for groups on the ground, and legislative changes at the state and federal level to get guns off our streets and curb the violence that results from their use.

“The Mayor’s executive budget proposal is a good step in addressing this crisis, which includes approximately $9 million dollars which supports the work of the Taskforce to Combat Gun Violence. One of the five sights the Taskforce has focused on, East New York, previously ranked highest in gun violence, but according to new NYPD statistics, has dropped down on the list. If an organization like Man Up! can work in East New York and have such a positive effect on gun violence issues, then we should be racing to duplicate the works they have done, rather than debating tactics that clearly don’t work like abuses of Stop, Question & Frisk (SQF). If you go back twelve years, there have been ebbs and flows in gun violence regardless of how many stops were made. which proves there has never been a correlation between the two. NYPD is an important partner in dealing with this crisis, and must continue to utilize the tool of SQF constitutionally, which was never a focus in the past.

“Until our representatives at the executive and legislative branches of our federal government can find the will power to address this epidemic, our City must significantly step up its efforts. If we don’t act now, it will only be a matter of time before gun violence claims more innocent lives throughout all five boroughs.”

Council Member Jumaane D. Williams (D-Brooklyn), Deputy Leader, represents the 45th Council District, which covers Flatbush, East Flatbush, Flatlands, and parts of Midwood and Canarsie. He is the chair of the Committee on Housing and Buildings, and co-chair of the Task Force to Combat Gun Violence. He is a co-founding member of the Progressive Caucus, and a member of the Black, Latino & Asian Caucus. He was first elected to office in 2009 and re-elected in 2013.

Posted by Charles Fisher and Randy Fisher (Twitter @HHSYC)