New British study supported by Addiction Magazine finds that cessation of smoking is a definite possibility through E-Cigarettes

By Curt Cramer

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Some great news for the newly-popular e-smoking industry this week, showing that using e-cig replacements for the traditional combustable smoking methods actually cause a cessation for smoking, at least for those who were in the exam.

In a study done in England, 6,000 smokers attempting to quit the habit were more likely to stop smoking tobacco based products than those using traditional over-the-counter quitting aids such as gums and patches, or the old stand by of the cold turkey method.


This comes as the FDA imposed new regulations on the e-cig industry, having them disclose e-cig ingredients to the agency (but not to the public). Bloomberg reports investigators from a cancer research center at the University College of London conducted the study, which was partially funded with government and drug industry grants. Adding to the credibility of the report was that the authors have no ties financially to any e-cigarette companies.

Drawing on surveys of English citizens from 2009 to 2014 who tried to quit smoking in the last 12 months, using the aids or no help, e-smokers were definitely more likely to quit amongst others. The study did however exclude those using prescription aids such as Chantix.

Vaping has become an immensely popular alternative to smoking, and the flavorings have been considered aimed towards the youth in many aspects. In the recent FDA regulations, the flavorings are still not being regulated, raising many questions amongst opponents. The study also does not find grounds for the makers to market e-cigs as quitting aids. In order to do such, the FDA would need to see completely random study subjects, and rigorously more thorough studying being completed. The study also does not recognize whether smokers were more likely to relapse on e-cig technology.

-Curt Cramer (@CurtisRemarc)

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