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Joe Budden, Royce Da 5’9″, Joel Ortiz & Crooked I , together, form like Voltron to become the rapity rap rap savior group known as  Slaughterhouse and they are back with a new mixtape House Rules.  The tape doesn’t necessarily come out of nowhere, with the House of Slaughter having recently dropped the incredible and wayyyy to real track “Say That Then”

as well as all the memebers of the group having their Twitter Avi’s as this new mixtape album art, but the out of nowhere nature of the release caught a few off guard, myself included, as Slaughter Stan number 1 I was thoroughly disappointed in myself that by last night I hadn’t even heard the tape, let alone memorized every intricate bar as I would of liked to.


The material is all new and all original with production from Illmind, Araab Muzik, Harry Fraud, Heatmakerz & more.  Many of those same names have been linked to their upcoming Shady/Interscope release Glass House which Just Blaze is serving as the executive producer/mastermind of . The groups 3rd over all and 2nd on the label, Eminem is said to have a great deal of involvement in the project as well.

Check out the mixtape above or download it HERE

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With this tapes release and the upcoming Battle Rap Reality TV show Road To Total Slaughter and the adjoined Total Slaughter battle itself which will feature (among other things) Joe Budden VS reigning battle top shotta Hollow Da Don – Slaughter season may (hopefully) be fully upon us soon.  Tickets for Total Slaughter are HERE


Random bars from Royce Da 5’9 ”

Other than that, shoutout my nigga Khaled
You the homie my nigga
If it was up to me, you know bro would be on it my nigga
You turned that Ross verse around for me in like a day
While I’m blowing Big Sean phone up for a verse
Feeling like, instead of this busy body shit with my family
I might as well try for Ye

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