Maxim Hot 100 List

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Not a single black woman made the top 10 of Maxim’s “Hot 100.”


Maxim’s annual “Hot 100” list was released today, but sadly, it was short on melanin.  There were no black women in the top 10; in fact, eight of Maxim’s top 10 were white women, and the remaining two–Jessica Alba and Alessandra Ambrosio–are decidedly “white” in skin color, despite being of non-Caucausian ethnicity.

Rihanna just missed masking the list, coming in at number 11; Beyonce, surprisingly, was rated as number 21.

And, someone please explain:  How was Lupita Nyong’o not in the top 10?!

Quite frankly, this list is bullish*t, anyway.  Ranking women according to attractiveness while simultaneously trying to teach our daughters that it’s what’s on the inside that counts?  Sure, sounds legit.  (If there was a sarcasm font, I would have just used it.)

It’s 2014, Maxim.  Embrace diversity.  Do better.

And, for the record?  Beyonce is still slaying all those chicks.

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  • Dana Ubiaja says:

    Oh please, like black publications are any better. In their case the top 10 would have been comprised of light skinned, biracial and latina women.