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The highly praised East Coast femcee Nitty Scott, MC just dropped her latest project titled The Art of Chill. The mixtape is available now completely free via LiveMixtapes as well as for sale via iTunes.

On this latest compilation of work, Nitty grabbed verse assists from Hip Hop staples such as Ab-Soul, Rapper Big Pooh, Stacey Barthe and more, and included production from board-legends Ski Beatz, Ty Real, Yuri Beats among others. Needless to say, the whole gang is here on this one.


We could easily go into a conversation about female rappers and how there are so few of them left today, but why do that when there’s music to be heard? Plus, who told you that female emcees today are lacking? There are actually more out there than you think, be on the lookout.

Expand your horizons, download this project, turn up the volume and vibe out. Read a statement from Nitty herself regarding this mixtape, below.

Something is happening inside of me. I don’t know the moment when it started, but it’s brewing gently, a fuzzy sense of self that I’ve never felt before. I’m finally starting to get it. That my existence is not based on identity, experience, location or even my physical body. I existI am. I don’t have to fight for this anymore. I don’t have to desire. I don’t have to desperately seek for the answer, because the answer is within me. I am the answer.

I suddenly feel sensitive to things. I don’t want to indulge in anger or pain. I just want to enjoy the oneness. The realness that I have craved all my life. It’s so beautiful that I’m crying. I am the light, the energy, the infinite, the limitless. And so are you. We are the God we seek. And I must harness this. Sharpen it. Learn to absorb and project whatever I want to, whenever I want to.

I finally see a way out of my own misery, and a way out of the spiritually suppressive nature of society itself. It is my own suffering and confusion that has lead me to this amazing discovery. How powerful is that? I see that every moment is full of divine purpose. I will surrender my ego and simply be, knowing that I can never cease to be, because life, death, time and space are only an illusion. A matrix. I can transcend my own thoughts, even transcend this worldly realm, and I know it now. I am grateful to the Universe, for I have found my Art of Chill. – Nitty Scott, MC.

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM