284159_239838722715054_4346010_nInfamous independent rapper Tech N9ne is once again on the move, this time touring the United States with Jarren Benton and Freddie Gibbs by his side. With more than 75 shows scheduled in the US alone, there is bound to be some bumps in the road, which is exactly what happened recently in Lewiston, Idaho. Lewiston residents began to pour in complaints to the local police department as soon as the Strange Music assembly began to do their sound check. As the concert went on the authorities received more than 70 complaints regarding the loud music, with some complaining from as far away as a mile.

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While most residents were upset about the lyrical format of the concert, others were upset that pictures were rattling of their walls and how loud it was. One resident was quoted as saying “It was like a X-rated move, only audible”. When police arrived at the fairgrounds the event was being held at, they found that the concert promoter “Progressive Entertainment” was not abiding local sound ordinances.

According to the Lewiston Police Department press release, the officers decided that it would be in the best interest of the public to monitor and document the concert instead of shut it down “due to the large and sometimes hostile crowd inside the venue.”


Sounds like Tech N9ne can throw one hell of a concert that even the police enjoyed.

For more information on Tech N9ne and remaining shows for this tour, visit www.strangemusicinc.com

Photos and Words by Mark A. Macpherson