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Sometimes, Kanye West shouldn’t be allowed on the mic unless he’s rapping.


Sources say that Kanye West delivered an “inspiring” post-wedding pep talk.

The rapper (allegedly) regaled his guests with a speech about his new bride, only to jump back on the mic for one of his infamous rants; this one lasting 20 minutes, as Mr. Kardashian discussed “public warfare.”  Yeezy complained about the hardships that celebrity has bestowed on his bride and their comrades, lashed out at the media, SNL, and the rest of the general population who don’t take the Kardashians seriously, saying:

“[The media] feel like it’s okay to put you on the tabloid covers to sell your image, to use you in an SNL spoof … We don’t negotiate. We’re not like that. We’re not stupid … The Kardashians are an industry! … We are warriors! There is not one person at this table that has not had to defend us at some point or another. … At this [other wedding guest] table…the combination of powers…can make the world a better place. [These are] the most remarkable people of our time. … [Kim is the] ideal celebrity … the ideal art, [and I can’t wait to be] spending every single day of [my] life with Kim.”

I mean, cool story bro, and congratulations and all…but that was kind of nausea inducing.  Here in America, it’s Memorial Day weekend, and you’re talking about “public warfare”?  Yeah, someone clearly needed to interrupt Kanye Kardashian during this one.  No wonder Hov and Bey headed to the Hamptons instead!

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  • Ben Sneed says:

    It’s true sometimes you have to stfu & enjoy your wedding

  • rayzure says:

    You call yourself a writer with the hateful and bitter post? a true writer writes objectively but you here putting your bitter bitch feelings all in the post, smh
    This isn’t journalism just plain old celebrity bashing to make your insignificant self feel good about yourself, smh

  • Nikki says:

    Why do people still take this dude seriously?