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When it comes to surfing goods and apparel Quiksilver has been a shark in the fish tank so to speak, and they look to continue to revolutionize the game. Over four decades of dedication to their craft has culminated into their newest and possibly biggest milestone, the AG47 boardshorts.

Boasting a multitude of state-of-the-art features, the AG47 boardshorts are the most technologically advanced swimwear on the market today. Composed of Quiksilver’s Dry Flight technology and Repreve fabric the AG47s provide the wearer with an unmatched amount of comfort and performance ability, while also helping to conserve the environment. The durable, super-light weight fabric is comprised of recycled materials, mainly plastic bottles, with each pair equaling about 11 bottles. Welded together by laser and heat, the AG47s are stitchless — so no more rashes, chaffing and discomfort during and after a swim. The most exciting and impressive feature of the AG47 boardshorts however, has to be the 3M-invented Scotchgard Protector Repellent that’s infused within the short’s fabric making them virtually waterproof, allowing the shorts to dry within minutes.


I was given a pair of the AG47s to try out, and see how they measured up to their outstanding specs. The first thing I noticed about them were that they were extremely light weight compared to any swim shorts I’ve ever owned — weighing nearly nothing. The smooth inner waistband on the AG47s were a breath of fresh air compared to most swim trunks which typically leave irritating marks along your waist. I couldn’t wait to see the Scotchgard Protector Repellent fabric in action, so very soon after I submerged the shorts in a pool of water for about a minute (it’s not exactly beach weather in New York) and when they resurfaced I was amazed to see hundreds of small beads of water trickling from them — they were noticeably barely wet at all. The back pocket although wet, didn’t accumulate water in it inside due to it’s waterproof zipper and zipper tape; I was thoroughly impressed. It was explicitly apparent how much thought and attention to detail Quiksilver put into the the AG47s. It was equally as evident that Quiksilver was immensely focused on their customers and providing them with a fresh, new, comfortable experience.

The AG47 come in three awesome colorways and are shaping up to be the must-have swim trunk of this summer — click here to get your hands on a pair.

-Khari Clarke (@KINGCLARKEIII)


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