TI x Tiny x FloydFloyd Mayweather gave his version of the events that led to his altercation with T.I, admitting it was over Tiny.  Well now the couple is speaking out, but not together.

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Tiny took to her Instagram account to thank her fans for riding with her and she also responded to a couple of comments criticizing her involvement with Floyd.  While responding she threw out how many women T.I is seen with in the media and notes that people should be asking why she puts up with him not the other way around.

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T.I remained quiet for most of the day but finally took to his Instagram account to address the rumor that someone from The Money Team gave him two black eyes (video above).

Two black what?????? C’mon now. Never in da history of N*gga-dom. But nice try tho Lol,” he wrote.  But he did show off his messed up hand which does indicate he did get into fisticuffs with somebody.
– Shaina Auxilly (@Shay_Marie)

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  • eddie says:

    Thanks t.i, for slapping that fool ; he needed it and more.

  • Tiny dats some bop *expletive* how you gone approach another grown man and yo babys father with you iont care how many *expletive* u see tip with the *expletive* celebrity your just tge rich mans baby mama get yo *expletive* right you making yourself look bad

    • Darren says:

      A** hat she already got her own money! She was in the group “Escape” before she met dude. You must be a new generation, skinny-jean, clown to not know who she is. go get your mind right.

      • Jessica says:

        Right doh Darren. They forget that tiny was getting that money long before he was. This new generation just don’t know lol.

        • Bossup says:

          She WAS getting money but I think he mean the only reason she getting any exposure right now is cause of her husband.

          • Raheem Goins says:

            Tiny ain’t sh*t, not compared to t.i., he worth 50 mil, she worth 3!!!!

      • jb says:

        Ni**a exscape ain’t been out since the 90s what money you talking bout?? What checks she cashing from exscape she wasn’t even a lead singer bi**h was just a light skinned h*e for us ni**as to look at Lol

    • Truth be told, Chris your as ignorant as TI a celebrity needs to come down to earth and yea it does matter who he sleeps with cause what ever he gets from messing around she going get and she didnt even join in on the pleasure. Plus how would you say just a rich mans baby momma ? With that alone she should be siting at the top of a mountain looking down on all of this nonsence.

    • Remember that life begins with mothers. whose your momma is she a b***h or a h*e? you have alot to say about about a chick who could buy and sale your a** should do with a man who she helped build up. ya’ll shut the f**k up, your jealous, includeing Mayweathers sucker for love scorned a**. His stupid a** was in love with the celeb chasing chick his boy took her now he out to do every body dirty. i use to respect your gangsta Mayweather but now I just feel sorry for you. Tellem Truth be told said so.

    • mich says:

      Your an idiot. She was rich before he was, & she was a teenager.

    • AMS says:

      Chris evidently you are not aware that Tiny has more money that TI and she is more than his babymomma she is his wife. All she is saying is don’t talk down on her and you ain’t said nothing about what the hell he doing. Like she said he is her friend she can speak to him and it’s better to speak while your man is around than when he ain’t especially if you got pics w him.

  • Ti is dumb he had a good in happy in good wife behind him love him in all he drop that for some h*e or h*es that anit *expletive* pu**y only please thirsty ni**as real ni**as need loyalty that’s a real mane tiny keep doing u living life taking care of u in your kids god is behind u 100% if nobody else is…

  • Sauve says:

    Mayweather should have beat that *expletive*…walk up behind that man while he was eating in vegas at a burger joint and swung on him; coward ass ni**a, and i am talking to you T.I.P . That *expletive* only did that because he knew his entourage was going to break that sh*t up, sucker ass ni**a……

  • i'm what they call juicy says:

    Tiny u act like this just started with the other woman but u still choose to marryTi I guess to keep u relevant but u are the cross, u been the cross every since u left escape do ur thing Ti . Then that lame add nigga fights over a broad but want fight for money he’s a joke

  • Collis Farrow says:

    All the women he was seen with I am pretty sure that he is not sleepin with any of them. I don’t care who you are you don’t talk about another man’s wife. T.I. did the right thing and defended his wife.

  • Love the pics Tiny!!!!!!!

  • Jacquline Strong says:

    Tiny do not stupp to there level. they just want to get in your business. Keep doing you and loving your man! They want him to and any one of them would take your place. don’t let them. Qween!!!!

  • toyabg says:

    Tiny these tricks are haters. Always got something to say but they ain’t got a man.Whatever popping with Tip these ho’s would take your spot n a minute. Whatever you do continue to do it in style like always.

  • Angel Laqque says:

    OMFG some of these rude and disrespectful comments towards tiny shows that you ppl have no morals and will settle for anything. Tiny has her own and T.I has his own. No-one should put up with anything that will not take oart in their happiness. She’s the mother of his children not baby mama. He had the right to defend her.

  • twin says:

    Xscape was out the the 90s are y’all serious Jermaine dupri got all xscape money dumb mfs. I wish I could slap one or two of y’all follow me @ twin20s on ig

  • Katrina says:

    People and all they comments lol. Um flick up all you like. As long as she not cheating its irrelevant forreal. There aint no telln what T.I doing but she chose him and been with him since she was in xscape. Ppl dont know how long these 2 really been rocking together. I bet most ppl dont even know why xscape brokenthe fuck up lol. I look at it like this. I may be a woman but it dont make no man superior to me and I dont care what type of money you got or dont got. Treat me how u wanna be treated straight up. There’s no difference taking a pic with a fan and a friend. They both love ya. Lol.

  • Lucee says:

    Regardless of what T.I. Does a woman should never stoop to a mans level, what kind of respect do u expect to get doin what a man does, what god has put together, let no man put asunder

  • VaughnCeeNote says:

    I really dnt even know why people give 2 sh*t about what’s going with “THEM”. Fix your own drama before you take interest in others bullsh*t.

  • Daniel says:

    I think everyone should mind there fu**in bizz in let tiny and tip do they dam thing in work on yo own problems in for the ones sayin she been in the game true but she ain’t getting her shine on like tip cause at the end of the day he gone make sure his baby mama straight in f**k Floyd mayweather real talk

  • mack says:

    Let’s clear the air for all the folks that don’t know what they speak of. Yes tiny had money. But Clif, been getting money from way back. Even when she used to come pick up my boy from Washington rd. (Park south) dude has always been a hustler. He found his craft in rapping and trapping. Locked down Bankhead and dubbed himself king of the south. That’s some real history. They been dealing with each other from way back. And personally I don’t care bout the cheating and infidelities. That man still take care of home and don’t let you sicker or sack chasers throw him 9ff.
    Any questions. …

  • nezz says:

    Stay our these people business and life if you mind yall mind yall own business like you do everybody else yo sh*t would be perfect stay in yo lane that’s they personal life if he or she wonna f**k or fight let Em f**k and fight

  • tiny girl its nothing wrong with taking a picture with a person its the minds that look at the pictures and. Turn it into what they want

  • Latasha Rena James says:

    Everyone got something to say about these ppl relationship.. your opinion is like your tongue it belongs in your mouth.. I bet the same ppl commenting household is majorly f**k up. At the end of the day these still getting money while u wondering where your nexts meals coming from!!!!

  • Tami says:

    Clearly many don’t know but let’s get educated! Tiny did have money before Tip! The money goes beyond Xscape. We forget to include her and Kandi who collaborated with their song writing abilities, she owns a business, manages, has TV show/other shows in the works etc.. I am sure she invested her money and this is why she is successful now. Tip did have the right to defend his wife. However, Tiny addressed what she felt she needed to in relation to her husband and the events that transpired! Hopefully, they can all get past this. SN: Mayweather did apologize for calling Tiny a “b#%*h”.

  • Ta601 says:

    So that means he ain’t undefeated no more T.I. won that fight. Lol

  • Shanae says:

    First off if it wasn’t for tiny t.i.p wouldn’t be on the platform that he’s on now. Second he never walked up behind anyone, Floyd saw that coming in HD & it shows in the footage before he was yelling like a little high school female. Boxing & street fighting are two totally different things & while everybody’s screaming “the champ”, he’s not even heavyweight & he got that ass drug. Last with or without xscape tiny will have money regardless because she writes & produces songs. She’s not a bm, she’s a wife respect it.

  • victor Mccullough says:

    What does that have to do with respect. See what you young and semi old generation forget is, the issue is respect. It is what it looks like to your mate or spouse. They both have some trust issues. Infidelity may be an issue too. So sad though. Money is not an issue in this case. He didn’t marry her cause she was I. the group Escape. She don’t probably call him TI either. No married man or woman need to be posted up on facebook, instagram, twitter or any social media with a single person if home isn’t right. The perception to that spouse don’t look right.

  • Felicia says:

    That ni**a got dotted in his eyes, look at them

  • amber says:

    He shouldnt even sweat that h*e she the ugliest female in the spotlight ti could do alot better.

  • Very interesting points you have remarked, thanks for posting . “The biggest fool may come out with a bit of sense when you least expect it.” by Eden Phillpotts.