young_buck-news-article717121With his upcoming performance at Hot 97’s Summer Jam right around the corner and Animal Ambition just a few days away, 50 Cent is riding high on a fairly strong momentum. A few excited fans have been petitioning for a possible G-Unit reunion to take place around all of the festivities, especially since Tony Yayo  and a few auxiliary members have been seen in 50’s recent videos. However, besides for setting aside all of the egos involved, the crew might face another potential wrench in their plans; this time coming in the form of Young Buck.

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According to TMZ, Buck has missed his last two court ordered urine tests and is now facing serious consequences for bailing on his third. He is on probation for gun possession and has been pretty compliant with officers, since he was required to undergo drug testing in November. Although, he has missed his last two appointments, which has his probation officer quite upset.

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