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Tucked away amid the coastline of Cape Town, South Africa, Damian Wilde, who was raised in a home filled with schizophrenics and man-depressives, was born and nurtured to do music. As cliche as it may sound, what else is left for one to do when all the hope and love has been drained from the universe. Wilde music is described as abstract and minimalistic and it’s clear why the description is appropriate.

‘My heart, it feels tainted and black. There are a lot of things that are wrong inside’, Wilde says. ‘When I make a record I try and scrape off pieces of it, smear it on a record and send it out there.”


His records are keys that fit the locks holding his feelings, and he hopes those keys unlock the same emotions within his listeners. And that can definitely be heard with his lead single, The Umbrella Co., off his 5-song EP, Nouveau Noir, as it acknowledges the emotional bondage that comes from the quest for fame, fortune all in the of love.

Take a listen to Nouveau Noir.

You can also watch a video of The Umbrella Co. below: