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When you think of Arizona, your first thought might be leaning more toward Iced Tea than Hip Hop, but there is a bigger indie movement brewing there than most places in the country.

Take, for instance, Mr. Miranda who just released his brand new album, Honesty Is Not A Sin, featuring production from Accra, Ghana’s 3kubebeats. The 13-track mixtape features appearances from Writer’s Guild, Madd Rich, Medaforacle, Xian Bass and more while beautifully highlighting the work Mr. Miranda has been putting in over the past few years.


Hailing from Phoenix, Mr. Miranda has come a long way since I first came across his work. Watching artists work in a craft they belong in is so pure, but watching them grow in that craft is even more stunning. With videos expected to be coming soon, purchase the album, below via Bandcamp, and enjoy.

Download: Mr. Miranda – Honesty Is Not A Sin

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM