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The malicious wildfire of controversy kick-started by the disturbing Sterling incident continues to blaze down at the trees of debate. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks and popular presence on NBA happenings, was recently involved in an interview where spoke of his own prejudices. And what I and Stephen A. Smith were left with was a very ugly reflection of society. But the underlying message?


Self presentation matters.

Smith summed it up properly. If Mark see’s a hooded-black man, he will evacuate the side of the street he is on, and relocate to the other side. This may have been legitimate during and briefly post the civil rights movement, but of common 21st century livelihood, this is of poor heritage, and inexcusable ignorance.

Smith, however, refrained from foully commenting on Cuban’s remarks, and in-turn saluted him for his overlying message that image does have an effect on who you are in the community of society, whether it be just or not.

However, I find his justification, or support rather, of Donald Sterling, “abhorrent.”

In a borderline prejudice/racism conversation that balanced along the beam of controversy, Smith and Skip debated on how right or wrong it was for Cuban to want to place a hold on the deleting of Sterling from his position.

Smith worded it well: “[Sterling] sounded straight off the plantation.” And for his disgusting combination of ignorance and arrogance, I find the removing of his career just.

Do you find Cuban’s words declaring? Refreshing? Honest? Or perhaps prejudice and shameful?

Let’s us know your opinion.


-Zach Davis (@ZadricDavis)