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Just as you were wrapping up your Memorial Day weekend festivities, it was discovered that some 1700 military veterans were being denied medical care by our government.

A recent report done on Veteran Affairs (VA) clinics in Phoenix, Arizona has prompted a report to be done on VA medical facilities nationwide.  Staff members of the Veterans Affairs clinics in Arizona have been accused of deliberate neglect of their patients.

Among the offenses discovered were covered up excessive waiting periods for veterans, delayed care, and understating patient wait times, a factor that influences VA employee bonuses and raises. Some of these offenses have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of U.S. veterans. Currently the VA has admitted to causing 23 deaths as result of delayed care, and that number could rise


The American Legion and other veterans  groups have responded to these allegations, saying in a written statement:

“We want every VA employee who participated in these cover-ups to be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The investigation should be complete by the end of the summer, with a final report due from the Veteran Affairs inspector general by August. -veteranshealthcareazmy201web737801.jpg20140522President Obama has promised to hold those accountable for delaying care to U.S. veterans.