Charles HamiltonBack in 2009, Charles Hamilton was gearing up to be one of the biggest names in the game; he was on the covered  XXL Freshman list, had a string of critically acclaimed mixtapes, and had just inked a deal with Interscope. Then everything mysteriously disappeared. After a series of low quality rushed projects and a number of embarrassing viral videos, Hamilton also suffered a mental breakdown that helped to drive him out of the public consciousness.  He left no trace, just a few tracks every once in awhile.

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Well, some of the good folks at Sa Neter TV7 happened to run into Sir Hamilton, on the streets of Harlem. They managed to stop him and talk to him about a few topics, all leaning towards conspiracy theories.

A quick viewing of the interview will bring you up to speed about a few things in Charles Hamilton’s life. Apparently, he is now a Wiccan, but one that follows European tendencies. Jimmy Iovine is a god, the only one that he would sell his soul to. However, the unbelievable theories didn’t stop there, he breaks down what Sega, Sonic, and Aliens have to do with religion. Someone asked him his thoughts about homosexuality in hip hop:


It’s called African child pornography. What they do is they take the babies, take innocent baby boys, if you believe Jimmy Iovine, a few reputable artists, they’ve been infected with AIDS. The myth is you take an African baby boy and you sodomize them and you pass your AIDS onto them and you take their innocence. The fresher the rapper, the dirtier the art. So you find the freshest artist you can find, whoever the freshest, the flyest, except Drake, and you put them under that microscope of how fresh they are. If you can smell a babies aroma in their music, if there is something pure about it, and you know they’re dirty, that’s how you know it’s foul.

The entire video is a little bizarre,but definitely worth your time. We hope Charles Hamilton is alright and that he gets back to making good music.

Jimi (@Nativejimi)