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Writers rejoice, creatives rejoice, women rejoice, men rejoice, human kind rejoice. This is in no need to morn in fact let’s celebrate a life long legacy of a real human story. HERSTORY: bitter, sweet, but those words you see, something that cannot be replaced. Imagine no Teedra Moses, no Beyonce, no Rihanna, no Tupac, no Jada Pinkett. A wordsmith the least.

Where It Gets “Bloggy”


I remember sitting down with the Negro Hymn Encyclopedia (may not be correct) and doing egregious research on Miss Marguerite Ann Johnson AKA Dr. Maya Angelou. I had to be in the African American Workshop circa summer of 3rd grade (Mount Vernon) and finding her story so captivating I couldn’t believe it. This can’t be real, words creating a story that was real that felt so much hurt yet loved so hard? No, couldn’t be and then the incest and rape and prostitution but the evolution of a caterpillar transforming to a butterfly in which we all see that earned more than 30 Honorary Doctorate degrees. Yes, tis’ true and truly touched me at a young age. After that, for some reason I knew no matter how much I played Lil’ Kim’s Big Momma Thang that I could still be accepted by myself and be a genuinely sweet person.

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Let’s fast forward. Honestly, she was one woman that I knew made money  with her words and not to mention, touched hearts and souls; and made sense. We could identify, like Drake when we were in college (smile).

Journalistic View

So today, we heard she wanted her tombstone to state “I did my best, I hope you do the same.”

So it’s time that we really set the plan to motion. Let’s give out flowers now to our living legends. Let’s read and get to know who we are truly surrounding ourselves with. As a woman and human being we should all be thinking who is next, who is going to give us the words for the present and future generation. The challenge is on!

Let’s learn forever.

*I cried writing this.

You Will Be Missed Doctor Maya Angelou, But Your Words and Impact Will Live Forever.

-Tatiana R. Johnson (@TatianaTot)

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