Black Zheep Pic (2)I’m dumb nice/that makes stupid sense…
What, you thought you wouldn’t hear from Black Zheep DZ again on The Source after our interview with him? Then take this as a pleasant surprise. When we were offered the premiere of his latest video from his Refugee project, we said, “You already know,” for two reasons. The first reason was the track itself, with a Godfather-esque beat from Royal and attention grabbing story telling from DZ.

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The second reason was the unique video concept. As DZ tells tales of being young but never dumb, we watch episodes of a girl dance without facial emotion interspersed between bits of a developing plot that makes you question the concept of linear time. Without giving too much away, after watching it once, be sure to watch it again as you’ll have a couple “Ohhh…” moments. The GoodBoy Media team also made creative use of camera movements while including art-film scenes of slow motion dancing and theme dualities (love vs. war at the 1:00 mark). There’s a lot going on in this video. And it helps that the single is dope so the replay value is that much higher.

Hopefully watching this video a few times doesn’t disrupt your work flow, as you lose all sense of time and space. But if it does, it will make for an interesting story to your boss the next day. Godspeed.


Directed by: T Zhang

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)