Yasiin Bey, banned or nah? Mos-Def-and-Talib-Kweli-x-1

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Talib Kewli is pretty upset that people listen to blogs so much.  You really can’t believe everything you read or hear, “people lie every B.” While Talib hasn’t spoken to his former rap partner Yasiin Bey, better known as Mos Def, he isn’t falling for the shenanigans and is pretty ticked off that people are feeding into the hype about him being banned from returning to the U.S. Fans learned that Yasiin was not going to be performing at  the music festival, Together Boston, when  a statement was released from the head of the organization stating Yasiin was having immigration/legal issues. We also, haven’t heard an official word from Yasiin who currently resides in South Africa. Through a series of tweets Talib shared his opinion on the situation we learned of just last week. And he isn’t taking the accusations lightly: