Call of Duty, what?

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Battlefield HardlineThe major gripe amongst the video game community about military-themed video game series, such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, is that they are, well.. monotonous. The gameplay mechanics are the same, the locations are the same, the enemies look the same, and the storyline is usually inconsequential, taking the backseat to the real star of the show — multiplayer mode. Seriously, when was the last time you were really wowed by a Call of Duty campaign mode? Exactly. Well, the folks over at EA have heard your cries and they might have finally concocted the perfect remedy for those who are tired of the tedium of military video games with their upcoming title, Battlefield Hardline. 

Ditching the old military-style gameplay that has fueled the series for years, Hardline will allow you to join the force or shoot at them, with a cops versus robbers themed campaign and multiplayer mode. The campaign mode in particular is completely revamped with a strong, character-driven storyline that is structured like episodes of a cop drama (like The Shield for example). Each episodes can be played out in multiple ways, providing the player the choice to protect and serve or align themselves with crooked cops and criminal lowlives which will ultimately determine the game’s conclusion.


We know, that’s all well and fine but you’re here for the multiplayer — and Hardline has an onslaught of new and unique multiplayer modes to blow your mind. Bank heists, high speed chases, zip-lines, grappling hooks and most of all, the hallmark of the Battlefield series, destruction, will all be present and accounted for in the new title. Battlefield’s “Levelution” mechanic which debuted in Battlefield 4 returns, allowing for more permanent and environment altering destruction options, which was a fan favorite and sure to be even more epic.

EA’s Visceral studio, who took the reigns from DICE is looking to provide players in a totally new experience, and so far it’s very promising. Enjoy a 7-minute preview of Battlefield Hardline below and check back with The Source as more information becomes available.

-Khari Clarke (@KINGCLARKEIII)