tumblr_lpmbmjTBzE1qhtjm2o1_1280If you weren’t aware, there was this album called Uptown Saturday Night by a duo called Camp Lo. A majority of the beats were produced by this producer named Ski Beatz, including this single. Now, you may or may not know all of this. The important thing is that they’re working together again. The last time Geechi Suede, Sonny Cheeba, and Ski collaborated was the Fort Apache EP approximately 2 years ago. To be honest, it’s about damn time that they put out some new music.

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In the video below, they admit that there is no set method to how they create the music. It’s organically formed from spending hours at the Dojo together. You can expect some Bossa Nova, top shelf lyrics, and a new, classic sound. They’re not aiming to recreate or recapture something from the past nor imitate any current trends. And that’s what leaders in Hip-Hop do.

Shout out to Nature Sounds for putting out this album and keeping the bar high.


Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)