Mr. Luke Skyywalker himself is back in the news for his innate attraction to lewd circumstances

Police in North St. Louis, Missouri are investigating videos that have popped up on social media sites of women performing oral sex on each other for money.

Why is this news? Uncle Luke was there.

Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell of the infamous 2 Live Crew was hired by the St. Louis’ Sound Bar to judge a clothing contest, but apparently Luke and his lewdness had something else in mind.

The front man of the Miami-based Hip Hop crew offered $1,000 to the women in the club to perform oral sex on each other. Sound Bar manager Robert Hughes said that several women rushed to compete, however, a club rep attempted to stop what was happening. Some women continued with the salacious acts while other partygoers recorded it with their phones.

No one was given any money promised by Luke and the investigation is still pending.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)