apple xThis afternoon, at the Worldwide Developers Conference, in San Francisco, Apple revealed their brand new iOS 8 mobile operating system and OS X Yosemite computer operating system. If you are a perennial user of the house that Steve Jobs built, you should be excited to hear about some of the new features that will be going to your devices soon.

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One of the biggest of the announcements was the addition of Home automation. All of the different apps that are used for Apple Home have been brought together, in one place, which allows for easier functionality. Get ready to start dimming your lights or manipulating your stereo volume through your phone; also Siri will be right there to help you along the way, with her new digital personal assistant features. Your faithful companion will be in more places, able to buy new music or figure out new songs with just an audible command.

Voice commands have been vastly improved, finally given users the ability to compose text messages with audio reply. For those, who are more traditionally minded, the keyboard has been given an upgrade as well. A new “Swype” ability has been added, allowing users to only have to sweep their fingers around to type; if there are any mistakes, the computer will provide more suggestions to help.
Healthkit is a major new program, which collects a number of health information for users and has the ability to send updates to medical professionals. It will calculate calorie intake, monitor heart rate, sleep schedule, and weight. If it works as well as planned, it has the potential to be a revolutionary app and change the way we conduct health care.


If you have an Apple product,  you should be getting excited about the future. The company is taking some major steps forward.

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