v. stiviano

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V. Stiviano has been in the news just as much as her alleged former boyfriend, Donald Sterling, after leaking his racist rants to TMZ and revealing to paparazzi cameras in a separate incident that “black people don’t know what to do with money”. This time, she’s made headlines for a pretty horrific reason. Around 7 p.m. last night, Stiviano was leaving a restaurant in NYC’s Meatpacking District and she was assulated–specifically, punched several times in her face–by two assailants yelling racial slurs at her in the commotion. According to reports, Stiviano was medically treated but has not filed official charges.


A source close to Stiviano previously expressed that she has had to hire a bodyguard and scale back her public activities after the Sterling scandal went down, and she’s received several death threats, many from social media.