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Could this really happen?

While there had been rumblings of a Lloyd Banks and/or Young Buck sighting backstage at this past Sunday’s Hot 97 Summer Jam concert, the majority of the tens-of-thousands of people had no idea what was about to happen. Until it did. 50 Cent brought out Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo to the Summer Jam stage, and just like that, G-Unit had re-united, in spite of the negative comments 50 had for the group during his extensive press run.


The Unit didn’t stop there. Yesterday, 50 Cent was joined by all the original members of G-Unit (plus Kidd Kidd) for a remix to HS87′s “Grindin’ My Whole Life”, titled “Know What I’m Talkin’ Bout”, and today, they’ve released yet another record. This time, 50 & company tackled Drake’s “0-100”, which, incidentally, was released Sunday afternoon, right in the middle of Summer Jam.

With two “new” records out, 50’s new LP, Animal Ambition, in stores today, and Fif’s band of brothers apparently ready to lock in and bring back the glory days of over a decade ago, it appears G-Unit won’t just exist on a concert stage. In an after-party for the screening of 50’s new show, Power, Young Buck and 50 Cent revealed that everybody is ready to work and we should be on the lookout for new music from the Unit.

A quote from 50:

I expected them to continue to get what they want immediately. And then now having everybody back in the circle, the morale is great. They all ready to work. They been on ice long enough. So now you should expect [something]. You already got something new today. It didn’t take but a few hours after the show. Meltdown, it’s on now. It don’t take as much out of me as it takes for me to create a solo song than to create and participate in a G-unit record. We have so many moving parts on it and everybody got to show up.

Please, rap gods.  Make this happen.