Join the ‘Country And Proud’ movement with Clay James Clay James Country And Proud

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Southern Playa, Clay James treats us to his 10-track mixtape ‘Country And Proud’ to formally introduce himself and for everybody to get in tune with his movement. Being from Savannah, Georgia Clay has no problem accepting his Southern roots and applies his Country style to his player raps. ‘Country And Proud’ is a refreshing collection of sounds to hear coming from the South with music that brings back the essence of those like Andre 3000, Pimp C, Outkast, & more. With a focus on lyrical content with great, easygoing sounds as production, Clay James delivers a superb project that is sure to set him apart from anybody else in the game right now. ‘Country And Proud’ is filled with plenty of anthems and hard-knocking tracks that are bound to make you a fan. Tune in.

DodgerOnDeck (@DodgerOnDeck)