“First of all fam, what are you coming up for?!” funkmaster-flex-reality-tv

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Cannon ball sound effects fired viciously and repeatedly as Funkmaster Flex tore Dame Dash a new one. Now if it’s one thing we know about Flex, we know that he is always going to speak his mind.  Tonight was no different, at 7pm Flex took to the radio  and went on a 20-minute rant in response to  Dame Dash’s  Instagram posts about industry executives. Earlier this week, Flex discussed these posts but was reluctant to post the audio out of  respect for Dash. But Dash may have went a bit to far and undoubtedly ticked Flex off when he referred to industry executives as “culture vultures.” Flex went on to say that Dash’s posts were merely reactions due to his absence in the music industry. Dash insisted on coming to Hot 97 and hashing it out with the DJ; Flex shut that all the way down. Listen to the full rant above.




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