All i’m in is just skin.

The most rebellious Icon known makes headlines again; The topic of discussion is, like always, Rihanna banned for being nude.

Just days after the honoree appeared on the CFDA Red Carpet, draped in basically nothing but Swarovski Crystals, more controversy has risen, this time from the Britains’ Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).


After hearing a complaint about the advert for her newest fragrance, Rogue, they are demanding new restrictions to reduce the possibilites of children being able to see it. The complaint originated from the advertisement being displayed on lift doors in a shopping centre; The ASA ruled that “the ad must not appear again without a placement restriction.”

“Rihanna appeared to be naked in the image and one of her buttocks was visible, with her legs raised. However, we also noted that she was presented in such a way that she was mainly covered, and the image was not overtly sexual. We noted that Rihanna was depicted looking directly at the viewer and considered that her facial expression was one of defiance rather than vulnerability. We consider that the overall impression of Rihanna created by the ad was one of confidence.” Stated the ASA.

Give RiRi a break.