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Produced by Sky High chief airman D-Man and including appearances from fellow Sky High Fly Guys‘ members Rome Edwards and Chris Author R.A.W., this high energy/bass booming record, Shining, showcases the crew doing just that. In an era where the “group” format has dwindled significantly, it’s a rarity to come across one with such positivity and a growing love for their craft.

After working tirelessly over the past months to finish new work, Brockton, Mass MC D-Man has decided to bring the entire Sky High Fly Guys team out for an updated go ’round with their upcoming mixtape release, Live…Before You Die (set to release 7/1). The new single, Shining, will be the project’s title track.


D-Man’s past releases cover the entire playing board and prove his elasticity as an artist, including holding both mixtapes and instrumental projects under his belt. A recent few include The Parcae w/ producer GxWay and instrumental album Kardia in collaboration with Dart AdamsProducersIKnow.com.

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM