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Wiz Gets Comfortable With The Morning Crew 

Wiz Khalfia stopped by Power 105.1 ‘s The Breakfast Club  today to chat with DJ Envy (who has a baby literaly on the way as we speak), Angela Yee & Charlamagne The God to talk about a number of topics.


Below is a breakdown of all that he spoke on, with the times that part of the conversation began.

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:45 – “I saw you snitching to, i saw you snitching ON the police” Wiz admits his taking of a selfie in jail got the El Paso police in trouble (score one for the stoners!)

2:00 – Wiz payed $500,000 for bail in North Carolina, although he got most of it back.  Admits he kept hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash literally on his bus.

3:45 – Envy calls Will of TGOD a weed carrier, smh.

4:15 – 28 Grams (Trap Wiz) would of came out the next day had he not been arrested on Sunday (6/26)

4:45 – Knew with certainty “We Dem Boyz” would do what its been doing

6:00 – Trap Wiz is not the sound departure some people are making it out to be, he maintains it’s similar to previous mixtapes.

7:00 – Talks about his comments about how Rihanna inspied the album, it sounds like she just gave him some direction on what she likes. “If thats what she wants, its probably what alot of people want”.

7:45 – What his label wants from him

8:20 – Social Media does have some influence on him, but he feels like its more him influencing them.

10:00 – He has multiple bus’s, one with a “Thot Room”, a room for thot if you will.

10:40 – He might smoke a lot with Snoop Dogg but they focus mostly on making music

11:40 – The most important thing Snoop ever taught him was to always be who you originally were.

12:00 Plans on doing more in Pittsburgh soon

12:20 –  Ty Dolla $ign is going to be joining the ‘Under The Influence Tour’

12:40 – Both Lola Munroe and Producer Cardo are not with Taylor Gang because of paperwork.

13:30 – Charlamagne said to him “you must have the most flexiblie denim in the world”

14:45 – Not only will Nas be on the “We Dem Boyz ” remix, but “someone else” will be as well.  Charlamagne It’s definitely got to be someone big if

15:30 – Album is coming in the summer, “August ish” , according to Charlamagne, Wiz seemed to begrudgingly agree. a

15:45 – Wiz says him and Mac Miller are still very cool, although his body language seems less than convincing.


Spencer @sjeezs