2 Chainz dWhile in the midst of a not so heated war of words with fellow Atlanta rap crew Migos2 Chainz has taken the time to give another standout track from his Freebase EP a fitting set of visuals. “They Know”  features a booming Young Chop beat that is interestingly juxtaposed against the smooth vocals of Ty Dolla $ign. Chainz and his signee, Cap 1, provide their signature bombastic verses that are filled with enough braggadocio to last you days. 

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The video contains everything good about the rapper lifestyle: expensive champagne, expensive cars, and expensive women. All of the performers are set against a black or white screen, which allows their silhouettes to be used to project scenes from their respective hometowns and drug preferences. It is an interesting set of shots that will arrest your attention, if you give it sometime to develop. Check it out above.

Jimi (@Nativejimi)