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There’s always that harmony or memorable chorus in a song that sticks to your guts like oatmeal on a wintry day.

In your travels at the grocery store, cubicle at work or a quick change of clothes at the gym, did you happen to hear someone singing: “My BAEEEEEEE?”


If you have, then you’re privy to the chorus on Vado’s single, My Bae that Jeremih lends his vocals to.


Winter is gone and summer is finally here. Every summer needs an anthem and Vado thinks that his single is it!

But one question still needs to be answered: Who exactly is this bae? “It’s like wifey,” Vado told The Source. “Wifey has to be your bae,” he said.

Between hosting parties and laying tracks in the studio, Vado caught up with The Source and talked about his collaboration with Jeremih.

Here’s The Scoop:

The Source: Why put a song out by that name?

Vado: I just wanted to make sure I gave the females something to call themselves from now on. The good ones, rather.

The Source: Can you speak on the creative process of the making of the song?

Vado: Shoutout to Lee on the Beats, he gave me the track. One day I was locking it in with Dj Khaled and he played the track, and it sounded like it was something for the ladies, but it had an anthem with it. So I put my verses to it, and I said we need somebody that can do this hook! Khaled said: ‘Yo Jeremih is on his way right now.’ So when Jeremih came, he already had the harmony all laid out. So when he was humming to it, it was just crazy—we’ve got to put the words to that! It was real easy.

The Source: What about the creative process of making the video?

Vado: I wanted to give the people street love. So I wanted to have people on the block, going through it with my girl, something special.

The Source: Yo Muma with Cam’ron was a hot track a couple of summers ago. What makes My Bae different than some of your other tracks you’ve put out?

Vado: Even Muma was for the ladies but had more of an up-tempo beat. On My Bae, I kind of slowed it down a little bit. On Yo Muma, people can dance and get their boogie on, but with My Bae, I wanted to just slow it down and for people to enjoy it.

The Source: Why is My Bae a summer anthem?

Vado: It’s for the ladies! People use ‘bae’ for short, but it really stands for before anyone else.