Cleveland Caviller’s point guard Kyrie Irving is on rocky ground. Rumors began to swirl recently about Irving’s relationship with the franchise, some questioning his connection to the team and other reports about him being unhappy in Cleveland as a whole.

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kyrie irvingWhatever the case may be, it seemed as if things were on their way to being resolved when reports came out about the Cav’s offering Irving the maximum financial pay out. Writer Terry Pluto from Cleveland’s Plain Dealer spoke about the upcoming offer saying,

“My sources tell me that the Cavs have had no doubts about offering Irving the 5-year deal, and will do so. Once July 1 arrives — the first date that an extension can be offered — the Cavs will set up a meeting with Irving. They will present their All-Star guard with a contract extension, a 5-year deal in the $90 million range (or whatever is the maximum number).

The Cavs’ goal is to have a new coach in place. Then have General Manager David Griffin, the coach and Irving discuss the future. Now, if Irving doesn’t seem interested in an extension, that could lead to a trade.”

With all of this going on, it seems as if the 22 year old is still not so sure about his future with the organization.


Could that have been a diss to the NBA organization ?

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