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227902357,6D326C8A86E82995860The smell of McDonald’s Big Macs and french fries filled the atmosphere heavy last week.

Pillar 38 located on 518 W 38th street was home to the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil ( Party hosted by supermodel, Tyson Beckford (who would’ve known he was a a soccer fan?). The event was in celebration of the opening of the World Cup and was a collaborative joint venture with McDonald’s. Inside gusts were greeted to full outfitted soccer players who served Big Macs, Fries, 6 piece nuggets, and your choice of either a Mango or Pineapple smoothie all courtesy of McDonald’s. Throughout the venue you could find exhibitionist artist Ben Mosley ( drawing figures on a canvas, soccer players attempting to keep balls in the air, and collaborative art pieces by various artists on fry boxes. With Tyson serenading the crowd, the party wouldn’t be complete without Scott Disick (yes, the other Kardashian) who maneuvered throughout the venue chatting it up, and famously stated “You all know to play my motherf***king song when I come in.” Other notable celebrities were Jamie King (Heart of Dixie), and Joey Fatone (N’Sync). All together the event proved successful in celebrating the opening of the Brazil World Cup.

-Kedrick Walker