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This episode is so juicy and scandalous that it was worth watching
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta-The Source

Last week on the hit show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, Momma Dee plays peacemaker as she tries to put Erica P. and Bambi in the same room to hatch out their issues. Mimi and Dawn are still determined to know if Stevie J and Joseline are married. Things get tense between Joseline and Tammy as she was telling people about Joseline fashion shoot for a magazine.

This week, things were turnt up with a capital T as secrets are exposed and liars are afraid of the truth. Her Source breakdown moments from the episode that is worth reading.


1. Althea revealed that her and Nikko used to date

While seeing the location for their new restaurant, Joseline and Althea decides that they were going to talk for a minute about everything that was going on in their careers so far. In the spare of the moment, she reveals that her and Nikko used to date a long time ago. This news doesn’t sit well with Joseline as she looks out for Benzino’s best interest. (Chris Brown said it best these girls ain’t loyal).

2. Bambi ends things with Scrappy

Felt that she wasn’t being loved by Scrappy, she decides that ending things is best for her because of the drama she was involved with Erica P and that Momma Dee was bringing her down. (Ladies, take notes from Bambi as stepped away from a relationship that involved her, her boyfriend, and his mother).

3. Karlie Redd and Althea finally meet face to face

It’s opening night of Stevie J and Benzino’s restaurant Sleazy and Zino’s and Benzino’s ex-girlfriend Karlie Redd and his new girlfriend Atlhea meet for the first time. Things between them are tense as Kirk went to tell him that Karlie misses being with him and drinks were being thrown. Karlie gets kicked out of the opening and Erica came to her defense as she too got a drink thrown at her from Atlhea. (Ladies, it is never good for us to throw drinks at each other and if you have a problem with each other just take it outside).

4. Nikko revealed that Althea also slept with Stevie J.

It’s the night of their anniversary party, Nikko revealed to Dawn, Mimi, and Erica that not only Althea messed around with Nikko but also Stevie J and now she is currently dating Benzino. Nikko also dropped another bombshell on them, she still continues to text & call him. When Mimi knew that Althea was messing with Stevie, her daughter called her by her first name. (I think that Mimi need to pick a better choice in men).

Tune in next week to see what mess unfolds

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)