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Drake Self Help Life Coach SNLShow Up Knowin Exactly Who He Was And Never Leave As Himself 

Self proclaimed “Social Media Coach” Janessa Slater had a life changing conversation with Aubrey “Drake” Graham recently.  During the 4:30 conversation Drake sits and listens, with a good amount of trepidation to Slater tell him how maybe he would be better with a  more “street” rapper name like “Graham Cracka” or “Drake Time”.  She also makes the insightful assessment that Drake, who often sings/raps about his love problems might be smart to joining popular Jewish dating site, J Date.

The conversation is obviously a spoof with Saturday Night Live alumnus Vanessa Bayer playing life coach Janessa Slater in this “Sound Advice” skit for comedy channel Above Average. Drakes legit acting skills put the skit over the edge as something that a non informed fan might actually think is real.  Either way the spoof/interview is hilarious, check it out below.


Spencer @Sjeezs