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As society moves forward into the digital age, it became easier to preserve things and make it accessible to a wide range of people. Google has started a program, entitled “Google Art Project,” that will include a variety of art showcased around the world.

As a part of this project, Google pays homage to some of the worlds most iconic street art. Google Cultural Institute launched “Street Art”, which is a digital showcase of over 5,000 creative graffiti pieces. Some of these pieces include 5 Pointz space in New York that has recently been destroyed and covered with white paint. In an effort to maintain pride, artistic integrity and livelihood of street art, Google has enabled users to use their Street View technology to view the art pieces and virtually take a 3D tour of the space.

Google Cultural Institute has curated something dynamic. People can have the feeling of being at a museum and appreciate art that may no longer tangible in the comfort of their own home. Street Art is an art form that is very expressive of our culture and Google has changed the game around in an effort to try and preserve it for future generations. Google has plans on expanding and curating more ideas for the “Google Art Project”. In the meantime you can enjoy the Street Art virtual exhibit here.


Erica Rhoden