big hitHit-Boy’s imprint, HS87, released their first compilation album, We The Plug, only two weeks ago, but it has already gained a strong critical reaction. One of the most surprising tracks to surface from the project,”G’z Don’t Cry”,  featured an unknown emcee named Big Hit. Next to his name was a small note that stated that he was actually Hit-Boy’s father. In an odd turn of events, the song was well done all around. Hit-Boy blessed his pops with a smooth, soulful beat and Big Hit hopped on the microphone to lament the passing of his homies from the set.

Today, both decided to drop the accompanying set of visuals for “G’z Don’t Cry,” and the magic definitely translated to screen. Shot at different locations around Los Angeles, Big Hit rhymes about the struggles of life and shouts out all of the people he respects. It is a laid back track, but each scene holds emotional weight. Check it out below.

Jimi (@Nativejimi)