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Dope lyrics and clever metaphors aren’t the only ingredients that make a nice MC. Things like delivery, content and voice can give an MC elite hip-hop status. And, Jersey rapper Joe Budden has been blessed with all of the above. During an interview on the Ricky Smiley Morning Show, Mousey (Budden’s nickname) credits his distinct voice to drug use.

“I just want to say probably between all of the horrible things I’ve done in life… Cigarettes and drugs mixed with some genetics. That’s probably what does it.”


The Slaughterhouse MC also spoke about his status on VH 1’s reality television show, Love And Hip-Hop. Now that Mousy is without a gangsta’ boo, he’s unsure how or if producers will fit him on the notable reality show.

“Well, I’m signed on,” Budden said. “But being signed on and actually being on are two different things. The entire premise of that show is—you know, it’s a relationship-based show. And I haven’t been in a relationship since the  proposal. So, I mean, I’m not sure what they would be filming.”

Budden was on The Ricky Smiley Morning promoting the BET documentary, The Message, which Budden’s worked on. The four part documentary aired last night (June 11).

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