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My former roommate once drunkenly told me that you miss all of the shots you don’t take. Wiser words were never spoken by my friend in an inebriated state. Usually, it was, “Pizza,” or “Home.” And a truer instance of these wise words couldn’t exist when compared to Charlotte’s young Hip Hop collective, Forever FC. Composed of SchylerChaise, Jimmy Kelso, Lute, and High Im Ry, this group is part of the movement out of Charlotte that is starting to steal the juice from Atlanta in the South. Forever FC is part of the larger, all purpose BuGoudi House family, which includes Saloan Rochelle (blogger), FreshPres (videographer), DJ Phalse ID (Power 98/MMG Black Bottle Boy), and new signees Tange Lomax and Lynn Kieno.

When SchylerChaise put out the video for “Just Us,” earlier this year, he did what any rapper would do for a “hustle to the top” themed track–put your team on and party with them penthouse with some beautiful women. It was around the video shoot that they were on a Belaire Rose tip so they decided to embody the track’s decadence with some bottles, using #MMG #BlackBottleBoys to catch Rick Ross’ attention with the final product.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 7.18.20 PMOne tweet, radio interview (~5:20), and phone call later, Schyler and Jimmy found themselves on stage at Ross’ album release party at The Fillmore (around the time of CIAA), closing out the whole show with “Just Us.” Then Ross asked to jump on the remix. Would you say no? It comes with no surprise that Ross wanted to jump on The Superiors produced cut, with his talent to hear a uniquely classy yet uninhibited beat a mile away.


We were able to ask a few questions of the FC emcees on the collaboration and closing out Ross’ Charlotte show. You can check that out below and download the full Banking On A Dream project HERE from SchylerChaise. You can also purchase the original single on iTunes HERE while you wait to purhcase the remix.

What was the first thought that went through your mind when you stepped on to that stage and realized Ross wanted you to close out the show at The Fillmore?

Schyler: The whole situation was so surreal. We knew he was coming in town. He had DM’d me that he wanted to get up with us but we just assumed it was to hang out given most of the people who come in town just host events. Because he dropped Mastermind that day he actually performed. We hadn’t heard anything that day so we were thinking we would get with them before they headed out the next day. It was like 11:30pm and we get the call so we headed over and they were charging for parking. We never carry cash, so Saloan had to drop us off. She normally films everything so that is why we didn’t get any footage. We realized it was going to be something different when instead of going in the green room they brought us on stage, but he was in the middle of his performance.

Jimmy: He asked Schyler if he brought the music and it was deer in the headlights but luckily I carry the jump drive with me at all times… because you never know when Rick Ross might want you to perform with no advance notice.

Schyler: He handed us the mics and all I could think was it’s a good thing Jimmy and I had to do the song together 50/1100 times during the video shoot. The best part was there were a lot of people in the audience who knew us and were surprised to see us up there.

When artists record remixes they sometimes pen a new verse. Was it the confidence or what your verses stood for on the original, or something else, that led you guys to keep your original verses?

Schyler: I was real happy with the original song and the lyrics fit in with the theme of the song, as well as the video. Plus I made a reference to riding down Collins Ave and when we went to Miami we actually did it so it was a perfect sign.

Jimmy: “Order us a round, order us some more…” Not much to change about that.

What was it like recording and talking to Ross? Did he give you guys any boss advice?

Schyler: When we were there he had the whole MMG squad in the studio and was telling everyone to make good music. After they left and we were just going over the song he said that we are on the right track and he liked all of the songs we played for him. He was impressed with our production which is almost entirely from in-house and local producers. The Superiors did this track and we have a great relationship with them. So that’s what I took away from the conversation–have good music to start with and then make it work for you…and push it out to everyone.

Jimmy: He was telling a story and he said “The homie Jay-Z said, when you get a song, you make it work.” It was the simplest of statements but it made a lot of sense. For a long time we were just dropping music as we made it and then rushed to put the next song out. As a result we have a huge discography for people to go back and listen to, but now we have a lot of songs saved up and we are releasing them as it makes sense to get the most impact.

What was it like to hear that “Maybach” drop on one of your own songs?

Schyler: Before we actually received the track we were talking about it. Ross is a Mastermind (get it!) at marketing, between having Wingstop cups at formal events and even the Hummer we were picked up in was wrapped in the Belaire Rose logo. We were hoping for it and when we first listened to the track and it came on the whole team said “Ayeeee” at the same time, it was funny.

Jimmy: MMMMMMachbach Music…we dont even have a good drop yet…we just have Ry saying “Haaahn” on everything.

Can we expect a video with some Ciroc and Street Kings conveniently placed coming soon?

Schyler: Truthfully, we have a manifestation philosophy in the camp, we put things out to the universe and allow things to flow as they are supposed to, now that you have stated it, it just may happen.

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)