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Get back to rapping you T Painin’ too much

Philly MC Cassidy addressed his on wax beef with fellow Philly rapper Meek Mill during an interview with Vlad TV. The former Ruff Ryder MC said that the media made it seem as if their beef was rooted in the streets.


“The media try to make it seem like it’s on some street beef or something like that. I don’t want nothing to happen to Meek. That was my homie. I was showing him love before the whole world even knew who he was. I wish him nothing but the best. But at the end of the day I feel I’m the best with this music shit. So if anybody ever try to question that, then it’s like, let’s get it. I feel as though niggas need to be more competitive man. Everybody friends and hugging and shaking hands and sitting together. It’s like, where is the competition at? That’s what make Hip Hop more interesting. It’s like certain basketball players from different teams is cool, they can go out to clubs and talk. But when they get on that court you gotta be competitive. You gotta be ready to win. That’s how I am when I get on songs. That’s how I am dealing with music period. I’m competitive. At the end of the day we went through a little something that just keep it Hip Hop,” Cassidy said.

During the interview, Cassidy also spoke on his lyrics about Meek Mill’s late artist Lil’ Snupe, who murdered in Winnfield. On the Meek Mill diss track, “Catch A Body,” Cassidy raps:

 “Fuck how you feel, you got Lil Snupe killed/And you only ride out on two wheels.”

“I had a problem with a lot of shit he said too. It is what it is. We ain’t doing this to say shit you gonna like or you gonna approve of, when you’re doing that, you’re trying to say whatever you could say to get under a nigga’s skin, to impress the listeners. You gonna say whatever you wanna say. I could name a bunch of things that nigga said that I don’t approve of. It is what it is…I don’t feel sorry. I’m not gonna apologize for nothing I said. I said it ‘cause I wanted to say it.”

Check out the entire interview above and let us know what you think.

Darryl Robertson (@darryl_robertson)



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Darryl Robertson is a senior at the University of Southern Mississippi with dual majors in History and Mass Communications. He has published work in Vibe, XXL and Liberator magazines, to name a few. Robertson is a self proclaimed history and hip hop nerd. After graduating from USM Robertson plans to attend grad school to pursue a Ph.D. in history. Follow him on Instagram @bookhop and Twitter @darry_robertson

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