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Last week, Samsung invited members of the press from all over the world to see the new unleashing of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S at Madison Square Garden in New York City. With tables lined with Tab S tablets and Samsung moguls sharing information about the new tablet, the event was sure an easy going and fun loving event.

Having had my share of Apple and Samsung products, I can honestly say that if I was not already biased towards Samsung, I am now. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S just seems like the best of all worlds in which it offers everything that previous tablets (whether Samsung, Apple, or anything else) had lacked. With major advancements in the screen display, security, and app features, the Tab S allows for the best tablet experience with a very low cost.


At just 6.6 millimeters, the Tab S has grown quite a following as people who often use their tablets for their intended purposes (i.e., portability) have acclaimed how easy it is to use it. The light weight (the 10.5 inch version weighs 465 grams while the 8.4 inch version weighs a mere 294 grams) in combination with its height and width allows for users to easily move about with the Tab S, as well as do what we all do best and lie down in bed with it hanging over our heads.

What seems most remarkable about the improvements made to the last tablet (Tab 4) would be the Super AMOLED display which boasts an amazing resolution that would otherwise have gone unnoticed with other tablets. Through a lengthy discussion pointing out the various differences between the displays used in other tablets in comparison with the Tab S, it seems as though the Tab S has an “unfiltered” screen in which all the colors the eyes are meant to see are shown in the tab. The Tab S shows 90% of the natural light the human eye can see. In comparison, other top leading tablets show just 70%.

The vivid screen allows users to test the eight megapixel rear camera (2.1 megapixel front camera) in full detail, just as its high resolution (2560 x 1600) allows for vibrant images that can you pictures in fuller detail. The 3 gigs of ram space allow for you to save more pictures and documents, and you can edit those pictures or videos with Samsung’s built in photo and video editor, as well as open those documents on Microsoft Word, built in as well.

The security features of the Tab S are also amazing in themselves as they have fingerprint scanners (yes, much like the iPhone but . . .) that are able to differentiate between eight different people. The tablets has eight different accounts available on the tablet in case it were to be shared, which enables people to keep their own settings and share it amongst their family, and share it with their children without running the risk of the little ones accidentally deleting all your files with Samsung’s Kid’s Mode. The mode offers games and fun pictures that are sure to entertain for hours.

The Bluetooth keyboard offers the ability to replace your laptop with the Tab S and there are a number of covers available that are extremely slim themselves, compared to the Tab S. In addition with all the cool physical features, Samsung partnered with numerous companies including Marvel and Conde Nast to bring the Samsung Tab S users an interactive reading and watching experience, that to me, seems as if they made images into gifs. Still invoking awe nonetheless, it provides users with amazing features and goes on sale in July, going for $399 for the 8.4 inch model and $499 for the 10.5 inch.

-Catherina Gioino