50 and gameOne of the longest running feuds in modern hip hop history, features 50 Cent and Game at the center of all of the controversy. Since 2005, there has been bad blood between the former allies, who recorded two of the biggest singles of the era together. However, after a few misfires and diss tracks, most of the heat had fizzled away publicly.

Well, 50’s latest move might help to bring it back in the sliest way possible. Today, the Queens emcee announced that his album, Street King Immortal, will be dropping on September 16th. If you have been following the Game closely, you would already have that date saved for his project, Blood Money La Familia. It is uncertain if Mr. Jackson did this on purpose, but we are sure he was well aware of his former protege’s release date.

Both plan to drop their full lengths independently, so they have full control over how and when they give it to listeners. We will keep you posted on how it turns out and any new developments. Keep your eyes out for more information soon.

Jimi (@Nativejimi)