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biggert han me

Them Compton boys are hungry…

As The Game prepares to drop his sixth studio album Blood Money La Famila, he releases this controversial track entitled “Bigger Than Me”.

The Game lets his raw lyricism take over this track going at XXL’s freshman cover, claiming to be the “G” in G-Unit, and throws in an interesting line about Frank Ocean.


“Your freshmen cover a whole bunch of soft ass ni**as/Tampon lyricists evacuate the premises/New BET Cyphers cause I don’t wanna hear that sh*t/May you rest in piss you f**k ni**as/ Aye Frank Ocean go ahead and f**k these f**k ni**as.”

Be on the look out for his album dropping September 16th. Check out “Bigger Than Me” above.


Erica Rhoden